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Grace Baptist Church began meeting nearly five years ago and constituted with six members in the summer of that year. We spent the first two and a half years mainly gathering for worship in the Hilton Community Centre along with secret locations during Covid lockdowns. The LORD then graciously provided a wonderful building space in our local area which we purchased at the end of 2021. Since that time, we have met in our church building as our church has continued to grow.


Several weeks ago, the opportunity arose for us to consider purchasing the most notable landmark in Woodside: Woodside Parish Church. This building was constructed in 1848 and has been used as a place of worship by the Church of Scotland until the church closed early last year. We are delighted to announce that our bid to buy this building has been accepted.

There are hundreds of striking and sizeable church buildings in our nation which historically were filled with people gathering as the Word of God was proclaimed. It is tragic to see so many of these buildings being closed, sold for secular purposes, or still being used for apostasy to abound. We are overjoyed to have the opportunity to acquire such a prominent building that it may be used in the 21st century for the proclamation of the Gospel and the growth of the Church of Jesus Christ.

This is undoubtedly another significant moment in our church’s short history. The importance of such a building for the sake of our church family, and its potential in relation to the Christian school, our local evangelism and other ministry work is daunting but very exciting.


We are fundraising for the purchase of this building and the refurbishment work that will follow. Below is a link provided for anyone/church who may consider giving towards this sizeable project, and we can also provide our church bank details. We would greatly appreciate your prayerful and financial support as we seek to take another monumental step forward in the work that we are doing in Aberdeen for the advance of God’s Kingdom in our nation.

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