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Our church has now started to raise funds to purchase a building that we can worship the Lord. The option that we are pursuing is in our local area of Woodside. A local church, Fountain Hall, are exploring options to purchase another building for their growing congregation, and part of this process has been to potentially sell their building to our church.

This is a very exciting opportunity for our growing congregation. Our aim is to raise £100,000 by 1st October 2021 with a view to buying this building. Below is a video explaining more about this situation and the church building itself. Grace Baptist Partnership are supporting our fundraising work and if you would like to give to this project then click on the donation link on their website (below) earmarking the money for the 'Aberdeen Church Building Project'.

Thank you for praying for this and for any who are able and willing to joyfully give for the proclamation of the Gospel and the growth of our local church in this area.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 14.01.29.png
11. Fountain Hall 17-junntitled-0170.jpg
11. Fountain Hall 17-junntitled-0129.jpg
11. Fountain Hall 17-junntitled-0135.jpg
11. Fountain Hall 17-junntitled-0147.jpg
11. Fountain Hall 17-junntitled-0154.jpg
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